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     Homes without home security are 2.7X more likely to be targeted by burglars proving that a reliable security system makes a big difference in your homes safety.  

     All the systems that are in our network come with door and window sensors, a motion sensor, a control panel, and 24/7 monitoring services.  While the basic systems are more than enough to scare off burglars, some companies provide more convenient and cost saving features that set them apart from the competition.

     Every zip code has different providers which is why its pointless to compare all the companies here.  Instead we will educate you on the most popular features and give you the option to fill out our 1 minute questionnaire so that local providers can contact you.  We have the largest network of security companies so rest assured when you fill out our form you will be on your way to the best deal for your family’s safety and your wallet!

24/7 Professional Monitoring

     If a burglar tries to break through a window a glass break sensor picks up the resonant sound and sets off an alarm – immediately a professional monitoring agent will determine if it’s a false alarm and if not they will call the authorities. 

     If you are away from home you can also monitor yourself with the app that comes with the service, but the professional monitoring station is staffed 24/7 and sitting in front of their computers waiting for events like this.  They are trained to react with lightning quick speeds.

     For example one of the companies we work with, ADT, has 6 monitoring centers that oversee 335 call center stations throughout America making sure that there is always someone to react right away.

Window and Door Sensors

According to the FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report the front door and the first-floor windows are the main entry points of choice for burglars.  Because your front door and windows are targeted 34% and 23% of the time all security systems include several sensors in those areas in even the most basic packages.

Motion Sensors​


Most burglaries occur when it is dark out and hard to see, but the motion sensors pickup movement without light and will sound an alarm if an intruder comes into your home.  If you have a pet, you can put them in pet mode which works by excluding your pets weight class from triggering the alarm.

Key Fob

Most home security packages include a keychain remote that allows you to execute the most basic commands.  This makes it easy to arm and disarm your security system from anywhere within your control panels working radius.  This is very useful if your phone battery is dead or you are in a separate room from your control panel.

The pocket-sized key fob is the quickest way to access your alarm which can be life saving in critical situations where every second counts.  That is why most key fobs have a panic button that quickly summons paramedics and law enforcement to your house.

This especially brings peace of mind to those who live with elderly or disabled persons.

Text and Email Alerts

This feature is sometimes only available in mid-range and higher end monitoring packages.  However sometimes you can get this in basic packages which is why its important to use a service like ours to compare providers and get quotes on prices and features.

These alerts will let you know immediately of high-risk events, like if your garage door is opened, a window is broken into, a motion sensor senses someone in your living room, or even if your kids come home from school.  The text and email alerts are the most convenient way to monitor the potential threats and the general activity within your home.

Control Panel

This is the central hub of your security system and gives you complete control of your system.  This is popularly used to schedule daily actions that you want your system to take and to arm and disarm the system.

As this unit is commonly found in high traffic areas of the home, many people like a customized modern and upscale look.   Vivints Skycontrol, with its soft shape and seamless functionality is a user favorite.  However, there are many great options and comparing providers will ensure that you find a style that you love.

​Warranty and Repair

This important feature varies between providers.  While all provide satisfactory warranties many go above and beyond what they need to in order to satisfy you.  For example one of the most popular Security System Providers we work with, Protect America, decided that their customers are too important to offer them vague warranties so they pride themselves on sticking to their warranty terms.  They offer a Lifetime Equipment Warranty that allows you to replace any faulty device!  Some local providers may even provide better terms then these which is why its important to compare.

​Special Offers & Savings

Every company we work with has special offers and seasonal promotions that you can benefit from.  For example Frontpoint is currently offering their stylish indoor camera for $50 off!  We commonly hear from people who compare their local providers that they are able to secure better deals then they thought possible!

We didn’t talk about the many psychological benefits like sleeping better at night and reduced stress from worrying about security and safety.  You never know when tragedy can strike which is why its important to find a Security Company that makes you feel secure.  There is no  reason to delay​ so take advantage of our 100% free quotes and you are sure to find a provider who makes you feel secure and fits within your budget.  Simply fill in your zip code below to get started!

​Get 100% Free Security System Quotes

​​Quickly Compare Top Security Systems in Terms of Pricing, Current Offers, and Product Specifications

​Enter Your Zip Code to ​Begin

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